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Hi-PerCarb High Performance External Coolant Double Margin Drill

The SGS Hi-Per Carb drill is designed to provide absolute accuracy and stability in the most challenging applications. The double margin design is absolutely the best choice when encountering tolerance problems due to precast holes, cross holes or interruptions. In addition the second margin offers reamer quality finishes, while providing an access channel for coolant to flow.

Ice-Carb Internal Coolant Drills For Depths up to 8XD

ICe-Carb Internal Coolant Drills for depths up to 8xD eliminate the need for pecking in most applications. Unique through coolant design carbide drill achieves higher cutting parameters and greater chip control. A 140° self-centering point angle and unique geometry enhance coolant flow and chip removal. Comes standard with Ti-NAMITE-A® (AlTiN) Tool Coating.

Series 120 Composite Drill

This all new 8 Facet Double Angle Hi-Per Carb series drill offers application benefits beyond that of other high performance drills in its category. Each feature of this 8 facet design was engineered as a solution towards addressing the issues commonly encountered during Composite drilling. This unique High Performance drill design successfully creates an accurate hole without splintering or delamination, ultimately optimizing the Composite drilling process. It is available exclusively with the


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