ROUTERS (เราเตอร์)


CCR-Multi High Performance Carbon Composite Router

SGS Carbon Composite Routers were designed for maximum performance in CFRP materials. We partnered with a leading Aerospace company to launch the original Series 20, a design focused on trimming and finishing in demanding applications requiring minimal fiber breakout and delamination. The addition of the Series 31 has fewer and deeper flutes than the original Series 20 CCR to avoid clogging during demanding applications. Both series are available with or without the Di-NAMITE coating option for

PCR Plastic Composite Routers

Using the latest in engineering design and grinding capabilities, the new Series 29 Plastic Composite Router is specifically designed for machine routing glass reinforced composite materials, such as fiberglass and G10, as well as most other common plastic and non-metallic materials. This PCR is offered in a variety of length and diameter options as well as 3 different end styles; no end cut, end mill cut and drill point. All sizes and end configurations are available from stock uncoated or with

Compression Router for Finish Milling of CFRP

A major challenge in machining with Composite material is preventing separation of material layers during the machining process. By incorporating both a left and right hand helix, the cutting pressure to the center of the work piece is compressed, eliminating the fraying of the material.

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